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City Manager Information. Where to sign the petition and learn more about this form of government.

Citizens of Homewood are considering changing to a City Council Manager form of government. In order to move forward with a city-wide vote on this issue, there must be a petition with signatures from at least 10% of the residents who voted in the 2020 municipal election. Signing the petition does not dictate whether Homewood will hire a City Manager, but rather provides Homewood with the option. 

If the petition recieves the required number of signatures, Homewood will then host a referendum where residents can vote on whether or not they would like the city to hire a City Manager. 

To sign the petition you can stop by City Hall, The Homewood Public Library, The Homewood Chamber of Commerce or you can print your own copy and turn it back in at any of these locations. 

If you would like to learn more about this proposed form of government, The City of Homewood’s website offers more information here.  Nick Sims also offers resources here or you can contact your City Councilor with questions. 

City Council Contact information


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