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2013 Board of Directors & Staff


Trey Schaefer
Ebsco Creative Concepts
3500 Blue Lake Drive 
Birmingham, AL 35243
(205) 262-2682

Merrick Wilson, Dir. Communications
Homewood City Board of Education                                         Homewood, AL 35209                                                           (205) 870-4203

Patrick Barker, CPA
Dent Baker & Company, LLP
2204 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 300E
Homewood, AL   35209
(205) 871-1880

Michael Morgan, Assistant to the President
Samford University
800 Lakeshore Drive
Homewood, Alabama  35229
(205) 726-2807


Vice President of Business Development
Walter Brown, Vice President, Office Group
Graham & Company
110 Office Park Drive, Suite 200
Birmingham, AL  35223
(205) 871-7100

Vice President for Community Affairs
Merrick Wilson, Director of Communications
Homewood City Board of Education
7 Hollywood Boulevard
Homewood, AL 35209
(205) 870-4203

Vice President for Government Affairs
Paul DeMarco, Attorney and State of Alabama Representative
Parsons, Lee & Juliano, P.C.
2801 Highway 280 South, Suite 300
Birmingham, AL 35223
(205) 326-6600

Director at Large
Mike Brandt, Member
Wallace, Jordan, Ratliff & Brandt, LLC
800 Shades Creek Parkway, Suite 400
Birmingham, AL 35209
(205) 870-0555

Director at Large
Mary Glen Carlton, Owner
The Briarcliff Shope
1829 29th Avenue South
Homewood, AL  35209
(205) 254-5622

Director at Large
Warren Giardina, Vice President, Principal Business Manager
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A
1725 28th Avenue South
Homewood, AL  35209
(205) 254-5622

Director at Large
Gary Kamenicky, General Manager
The Club
1 Robert Smith Drive
Homewood, AL  35209
(205) 326-6990 x 115

Director at Large
Brian McCool, MD
McCool & Bhuta, Ear, Nose & Throat
3055 Independence Dr.
Homewood, AL 35209
Office: (205) 414-1368

Director at Large
Jimmy Moore, Owner
The Moore Agency, Allstate Insurance
2610 19th Street South
Homewood, AL  35209                                     
(205) 983-6441

Director at Large
Heidi Morris, Birmingham Branch Manager
DEX Imaging
2814 Linden Avenue
Homewood, AL  35209
(205) 484-2561

Director at Large
Joanne Mummert, Property Manager
Colonial Brookwood Village
780 Brookwood Village
Homewood, AL  35209
(205) 871-0406
(205) 871-0406

Director at Large
Alan Patel, General Manager
Comfort Inn Homewood
226 Summit Parkway
Homewood, AL  35209
(205) 916-0464

Tony Smith                                                                                                                  Sirote                                                                                                                   2311 Highland Avenue                                                                            Birmingham, AL  35205
(205) 930.5435


Director at Large
Bill Todd, Chief Operating Officer
o2 Ideas
600 University Park Place, Suite 200
Homewood, AL  35209
(205) 949-9494

City Liaison
Britt Thames                                                                                                         900 Stuart Street                                                                                            Homewood, 35209
(205) 948-6789

Office Staff
Tricia Ford, Executive Director
Homewood Chamber of Commerce
1721 Oxmoor Rd.
Homewood, AL 35209
(205) 871-5631

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  • Visitors/Newcomers Information:

    Thousands of residents, visitors and newcomers contact the Homewood Chamber each year via personal visit, phone call, mail and e-mail. Non members are missing out on thousands of valuable business contacts.

  • Membership Directory:

    Puts basic information about your company in front of countless potential customers via the chamber website and an annual listing in the Homewood magazine.