Greenway Walking Trail

Homewood Shades Creek Greenway is a six mile long multi-use trail for pedestrian and cycling activities in the Birmingham metropolitan area. It will connect with Jemison Park in the east and run west along Shades Creek passing under Brookwood Boulevard, Highway 31, Columbiana Road, and Interstate 65, past Wildwood Shopping connecting with West Homewood Park via a flyover crossing Lakeshore Drive. The Greenway is being financed by CMAQ money (3.4 million dollars), the City of Homewood and Jefferson County in a partnership.

The Greenway will be an invaluable asset for the community, residents and businesses of Homewood, all of whom are supporting it enthusiastically. It will offer great linkage for citizens to walk and cycle to various shops, schools, and offices for transportation, exercise and recreation.  One university, two high schools, two major shopping areas, six residential neighborhoods, several apartment complexes, many office buildings,  several churches, the army national guard, and two existing parks will all have access to the greenway.  For the first time, Homewood will have safe pedestrian access from east to west without crossing vehicular traffic.

Stone columns will mark the trail heads at Brookwood Mall, Old Montgomery Highway, Columbiana Road, and at West Homewood Park.  Stone will also be incorporated in retaining walls and small bridges crossing swales along the route reminiscent of the stacked stone used throughout the area. Trees will be planted along the route where needed  for screening and shade as well as soil stabilization along the creek.

Shared parking will be available at Brookwood Mall, Wildwood Shopping, at several office buildings along the way as well as dedicated parking at Columbiana Road.  There will be three pavilions with tables, water fountain, call boxes (for emergencies) and seating.  These structures will be located at Brookwood Mall, University Park and Wildwood Shopping and will be built through corporate sponsorship.  

Construction on Phase I from Jemison Park to Columbiana Road began in early spring 1999. Phase II connected Columbiana Road to Wynsong Cinema, west of Wildwood. Phase III will be from the cinema over Lakeshore with a flyover to connect with West Homewood Park.

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